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This site was established to provide access to my notes, ramblings, photos, tools, and favorite resources for trumpet, cornet and bugle collectors. It is a work in progress.

There are two primary ways of viewing the instruments themselves here. The first is a collection of historical and other notes and information placing the instruments in a chronological context, linked here as A Timeline of Trumpets
For those who just want to look at the pictures, try The Virtual Museum

These entries are accurate as of my current understanding, but always subject to change as I learn more. To quote Roy Hempley: “Just when you think you finally have it figured out, a horn comes along to prove you wrong”.

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 The Martin Companies

 Frank Holton and Co.

 Vincent Bach

 Col. C.G. Conn & Co.

 Harry Pedler Companies

 Boston Musical Instrument Co.

 Bohland&Fuchs stencils

 Sistek Music and Cleveland

 Ross Hickernell

 F. Millard Company

 Willard Bryant - Rex*

 O.F. Berdan - Detroit

 Fred Forman's cornet

 Cold War Collectives

 HN White - first for students

 HN White's first cornet product

 Study - Instrumental Inheritance (pdf)

 Evolution of the Modern Trumpet (pdf)

 Drum & Bugle Corps Origins

 Birmingham [Mi] Bands (pdf)

Links to Histories by Others

H.N. White Co's History of the Trumpet and Cornet (1924)

Jim Donaldson's biography of Renold Schilke

Niles Eldredge's Brief History of Piston Valved Cornets at Nick DeCarlis' VintageCornets.Com

Dale Olson's History of F.E. Olds at Robb Stewart's site

CG Conn History articles at the Conn Loyalist

Contempora Corner histories of F.A. Reynolds

Phil Holcomb's biography of E.A. Couturier

Chris Charvat's HN White History

Woodwind & Brass Co (Britain) history of Antoine Cortois

Mitruolia/Myers The Distin Family

Robb Stewart's biography of Earl Williams

Phil Holcomb's history of tuning pitch

Jari Villenueva's History of Taps


 Serial Numbers

 Distin serial-location chart

 Bore sizes and codes (pdf)

 Mouthpiece charts

 Holton Model Guide* (pdf)

 White/King Model Guide* (pdf)

 Martin Model Guide* (pdf)

 FE Olds Model Guide* (pdf)

 Leblanc Stencil Trumpets

 Conn Pro Trumpets Chart

 Yamaha Model codes
  by TM'r Glennx

 Timeline chart of makers (pdf)

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* Sincere thanks and apreciation to
Robb Stewart,
Kenton Scott of Horn-u-copia,
Rich Ita of The Brass Workshop,
Fred Cirksena of Quality Brass,
Shawn McKenzie of The BrassCellar,
Brent Peters, crafter of Puje Trumpets,
Chris Dankler and Thomas Meacham for providing photographs of models not available to the author.

(3 Euphonium Bios too)

 Alfred Phasey

 Simone Mantia

 Leonard Falcone



 Historic Brass Society

 USD National Music Museum

 The Musical Instrument Museum

 Trompeten Museum (Germ.)

 The Stearns Collection


 The Cornet Compendium catalog museum

 Dallas Music

 Phil's Rugs-n-Relics

 Robb Stewart Brass

 Nick DeCarlis' Vintage Cornets

 William Hull Faust Collection

 Olds Central

 Vincent Bach's World

 The Conn Loyalist

 HN White family site

 Contempora Corner (Reynolds)

 Taps Bugler

 Dillon Music

 The Brass Cellar

 Quality Brass

 Virtuosity Musical Instruments

 Rich Ita's Brass Instrument Workshop

 Oberloh Woodwind and Brass

 Austin Winds

 Austin Custom Brass

 Josh Landress Brass

 Puje Trumpets

 Mark Metzler Brass Repair

 Doctor Valve (S. Winans)

 Charlie's Brass Works

 Tim Holmes at a+r music in Lincoln Park Michigan who repaired many of the horns shown here.

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